A Chipless RFID Unit Based on Interference for Tag Location

Author(s): Nuanfeng Zhang, Xiongying Liu, Tianhai Chang
SourceFERMAT, Volume 25, Communication 2, Jan.-Feb., 2018

Abstract: A chipless RFID reading unit based on electromagnetic (EM) interference is designed for tag location in the frequency domain. The proposed unit consists of a directional reader antenna, a chipless tag, and a reference metal plane. The relative distance between tag and reference plane can be determined by using the peaks/dips of the scattered radar cross section (RCS). Due to the existence of reference plane, the problems of reading range and the information collision can be relieved. From the simulation results, it shows that the accuracy of the location would be very high if the energy reflected by the tag and that scattered by reference plane, which are captured by the reader antenna, are close to each other.

Index Terms: Chipless RFID tag, Interference, Localization, Radar cross section (RCS), RF identification (RFID).

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A Chipless RFID Unit Based on Interference for Tag Location

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