Short Interfacial Antennas for Medical Microwave Imaging

Author(s): J. Sachs, M. Helbig, S. Ley and P. Rauschenbach
Source: FERMAT, Volume 21, Communication 20, May-Jun., 2017

Abstract: Practical as well as theoretical aspects of medical microwave imaging require short antennas with short impulse response function for transmission and reception of the sounding fields. Since usually antenna design goals are targeted to good feed point matching, one runs into unsolvable problems in case of wideband measurements. The paper will introduce a radar channel model based on electrically short antennas and it will discuss how to circumvent the mismatch problems.

Index Terms: microwave imaging; short dipole; large current radiator; active directional bridge; radar channel

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Short Interfacial Antennas for Medical Microwave Imaging

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