Tapered Waveguide Fed Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antenna

Author(s): Ms. Jasmine Muhammed, Dr. Parambil Abdulla, Ms. Raphika Muhammed
Source: FERMAT, Volume 21, Communications 18, May-Jun., 2017

Abstract: A cylindrical dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) excited by a rectangular waveguide with tapered section is presented in this paper. By introducing a tapered section of waveguide between the rectangular waveguide and square ground plane, the coupling to a low permittivity DRA can be improved substantially. Moreover, it offers a 10 dB bandwidth of 6.34% and a maximum gain of 6 dBi. Symmetrical broadside radiation patterns with low levels of cross polarization are maintained in both the planes. The proposed antenna is very much suitable for millimeter wave applications due to the very low losses of waveguide and DRA.

Keywords: DRA, Dielectric Resonator Antenna

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Tapered Waveguide Fed Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antenna

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