A virtual interactive electromagnetic laboratory: an effective pedagogical approach

Author(s): S. V. Kulkarni
Source: FERMAT, Volume 21, Communications 5, May-Jun., 2017

Abstract: Electromagnetic Fields is one of the foundation courses in both Electrical and Electronics Engineering Curricula. It is generally perceived to be a difficult-to-understand subject by the students. If the conceptual understanding is not clearly assimilated by them, the course gets shrouded in abstractness and mathematical formulae. It is essential to explain the involved theory through visuals and real-life practical examples. By means of this virtual laboratory, theories in electrostatics, magnetostatics, and time-varying fields are explained using graphical results obtained through MATLAB based codes as well as field distributions plotted using Finite Element Method and Method of Moment based computations.

This virtual laboratory has been designed by using Java Applets which can provide interactive features such as radio buttons and provision for drawing contours. These applets have been launched into web by using HTML pages and class files of the applets. A Google form based interactive portal has also been launched that helps users to interact with developers directly. Users can access the developed experiments at the following link: https://www.ee.iitb.ac.in/course/~vel/

Keywords: Electromagnetic field theory, Java Applets, Virtual labs, Finite Element Method, Method of Moment

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A virtual interactive electromagnetic laboratory: an effective pedagogical approach

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