Direction finding using time modulated array

Author(s): Ronghong Jin, Jingfeng Chen, Chong He, Xianling Liang, Weiren Zhu, Junping Geng
SourceFERMAT, Volume 25, Communication 11, Jan.-Feb., 2018

Abstract Time modulated array (TMA) has received a great deal of attention recently, owing to their usefulness in numerous applications including radars, sensors and communications. Specifically, with the exploitation of harmonics, generated by periodically modulated switches, TMA is also promising candidates for direction finding. In this talk, we take a general review and new perspectives on the direction finding using TMA. Some novel ideas, such as direction finding with time modulated linear array, direction finding of linear frequency modulated signal with TMA, are presented and discussed.

Index TermsTime modulated array (TMA), Direction finding, harmonic characteristic matrix (HCM)

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Direction finding using time modulated array

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