Bow-Tie Antenna for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Konstantinos N. Alvertos, Evangelia A. Karagianni, Konstantinos D. Vardakis, Thomas Κ. Mpountas, Dimitra I. Kaklamani
Source: FERMAT, Volume 20, Communication 18, Mar.-Apr., 2017

Abstract: Within this paper the use of Wi-Fi in air and underwater environment using the channels around the 2.4 GHz frequency range that have been standardized worldwide, is presented through simulation and experimental work. Using a bow-tie shaped antenna we study the actual signal strength between underwater and air conditions, while changing the distance between two devices, wirelessly connected with each other.

Index Terms: Bow-tie Antenna, Underwater Communications, Wireless Fidelity, Wireless LAN.

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Bow-Tie Antenna for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks

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