Analysis of a Two-Element Array of 1-Dimensional Antennas

Author(s): Steven J. Weiss and Walter K. Kahn
Source: FERMAT, Volume 19, Article 3, Jan.-Feb., 2017

Abstract: Radiation, reception and scattering by 1-dimensional antennas was described recently. Arrays of two 1-dimensional antennas with various excitations and loads are analyzed both as radiating antennas and receiving antennas. Antenna parameters computed include: mutual coupling impedance matrix, mutual coupling scattering matrix, element efficiency, element radiation patterns and directivities, array radiation patterns and directivities, element receiver cross-section and received power, scattering and scattered power, complete (local and radiation ports) scattering matrix.

Keywords: Antenna Arrays, Antenna Theory, Transmitting Antennas, Transmitting Antennas, Antenna Scattering.

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Analysis of a Two-Element Array of 1-Dimensional Antennas

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